Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Angels Will Fill My Spring and Summer.

We finally got season tickets to Angels Baseball!!!!

This spring and summer will be filled with baseball as it should be. I cannot wait until April now! We have 41 games, 5 seats, and busy employees... Which means, My sisters, friends, and I will have loads of fun lots of times!

Valentines Day was wonderful. I had a whole day in Newport Beach with my boyfriend, which was absolutely wonderful, amazing perfume, and dinner with my small group girls. We got roses from one of the leaders 2,3,4, and 5 year old boys. It was adorable:-D

Good times.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The United States and the Winter Olympics.

The United States and the winter olympics is a generally sad situation. Let's face it, WE DON'T DO WINTER SPORTS VERY WELL! We dominate the summer olympics, and we barely squeek through in the winter.

Thank God for snowboarders, it is in that sport which our hope lies (We seem to be ok in speed skating thanks to Chad Hedrick).

Enough of my rant about the Olympics. Now, I will tell you a story about a young man who tried to be smooth. (Key word: tried!)

I enter the first set of doors at the same time as this young man at the mall. Than, he walks over and says, "Let me get the door for you" as he holds the automatic door open that was already opened and was quickly closing on his hand. After the uncomfortable laugh he got from me he quickly realized that he had to recover this pathetic moment... So, he opens the real door for me. I once again laugh uncomfortably and say thank you.
It would seem that the uncomfortable situation was over... oh no! He follows me into the music store (I am starting to get worried), I turn around and look back at him with a very uncertain look. He laughs uncomfortably and says, "You have to stop this, you're making me look like I'm following you!" Once again, I laugh uncomfortably and walk away as fast as possible.

That was my evening.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I've finally joined the real world of blogging.

This is my first blog on a real blog site thingy... how exciting for me:-D

I hope you all enjoy this site, and that I actually post on this one.