Thursday, December 18, 2008

This Is What Freedom Looks Like

5:15pm- Hand Greek final over to professor, walk out of classroom and do a little happy dance.

5:17pm - Dance in the rain

5:20pm - Drive to Cate's house to watch "Friends" giggling the entire time.

6pm - Dinner with Heidi

6:35pm - Attempted to use Heidi's cheap-crap umbrella and decided to just embrace the wetness that was yesterday.

8pm - Go see the first movie I've seen in the theater since... I actually have no idea what the last movie I saw in the theater was.... Well now you know just how non-movie seeing life has been for me.

3 hours later Heidi and I dragged ourselves out of the movie theater yawning and wishing we were in bed because it was almost 11pm and that's our bedtime.

I love not having homework to do :-)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh Sweet Freedom

I am one small greek final away from freedom. I can taste it. I could also care less about studying for this last final. It is a major problem when one's brain checks out and moves back home three weeks before finals actually happen. Forcing myself to study and "finish strong" has occupied much of my thoughts these past few weeks since Thanksgiving break. 

Finally, the day is here when I can burst through my apartment door and scream "I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My roommates are really looking forward to it. 

T-minus 2 hours and counting until final #4 is over and done with. 

Oh yeah, and about not writing for over a month or so... I apologize. 

Merry Christmas everyone!!!