Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Angels Will Fill My Spring and Summer.

We finally got season tickets to Angels Baseball!!!!

This spring and summer will be filled with baseball as it should be. I cannot wait until April now! We have 41 games, 5 seats, and busy employees... Which means, My sisters, friends, and I will have loads of fun lots of times!

Valentines Day was wonderful. I had a whole day in Newport Beach with my boyfriend, which was absolutely wonderful, amazing perfume, and dinner with my small group girls. We got roses from one of the leaders 2,3,4, and 5 year old boys. It was adorable:-D

Good times.


Ginna said...

I think that your father May have his own ideas about those tickets.

Cate said...

He certainly does. He says if he doesn't use them most of the time he won't get them again :-(

Ellie said...

That's rediculous. He doesn't have the time to go to 3 baseball games a week. He will change his mind I'm sure. It's not like I want to go more than a few times a month:-D

Cate said...

You need to update more :-(