Monday, March 10, 2008

Spiritual Gifts Vs. Ministry Assignments

Do you know what your spiritual gift is? More importantly... Do you know what a "spiritual gift" is?

We so flippantly throw around the term spiritual gifts in Christian circles today, but do we really understand what Paul meant in his letter to the Corinthians? Does each person have a special ability given to him by God that determines where he/she should be serving in ministry for their entire lives? Can we determine these so called "gifts" by 800 question assessment tests? I am more and more convinced that we cannot, and that we aren't even right in our interpretation of what a "spiritual gift" is. 

That's just a little glimpse of what is to come... I have to go to class now so i'll write more about the other option soon. In the mean time, what do you think?

Have a splendid almost spring but feels like summer day!


JB said...

Totally agree. Some of those questions are asinine like, "do you speak in strange languages you do not know about but others can translate?" Anyone who makes this observation has no need of a spiritual gifts test. I see weird things and live my entire life like it's one huge deja vous loop with the spooky knowledge I've seen this before.

Does that mean I have the gift of prophecy? Heck if I know, all the other tests merely ask, "do you see visions given to you from the Almighty concerning things yet to take place?"

Erin Wible said...

I have the gift of "gifts".....'s either that or pasta development....

...I forget