Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rejection: Good for the Soul?

What is it in our make up that makes us so afraid of rejection? Seriously. What is it?

I took a huge step today toward what will quite possibly end in rejection. I sent in a song to a songwriting competition. It is now completely out of my hands and on it's way as we speak to Lake Forest. I'm terrified. I keep telling myself that it is good no matter what the outcome. I mean, I did it! I should get some points for bravery right? Even after all the time spent talking to myself I'm still terrified (maybe I should be terrified about the amount of time I spend talking to myself instead of the song... ey well).

Have any of you done something that absolutely terrified you but in the long run you know just the act of doing it made you a stronger, better person? All 2 of you who read this please respond! I want to know what kinds of rejection you risked!


Autumn Hinrichs said...

I just found your blog! :-) I don't know that rejection is consistently good or bad for us, but it would certainly be bad if fear of rejection (or of failure) crippled us from doing good things. Rejection seems to be just a fact of life, but I think the fear of it can be bad if we are experiencing that fear because we are more concerned with our own acceptance rather than whatever good we are pursuing. The most recent situation where I've faced the possibility of rejection was when I applied for the Oxford program, and I know that if I'd been too afraid of rejection to apply, then I would've missed out on a pretty awesome study abroad experience.

I hope you do great in the contest!

Ellie said...

Hey Autumn! Thanks:-) I definitely agree that it's good to have both rejection and acceptance in our lives! The fear of it is the main issue:-)

Hope you're enjoying your last few weeks in Oxford!

Mike Dalton Bass Player said...

I hope it gets in there. No matter what you had the nuggets to send it. Proud of you.

Enough of me being nice, once a year.