Friday, June 27, 2008

More Than You Wanted to Know About Not Very Much

Hello my loyal readers! (all two of you!)

I know it's been a long time since I wrote, I got bored with myself and just had nothing to say. But! I'm back! Still pretty much bored with myself, but I have stuff to say about the Saddleback Worship Conference that me and 8 others from our team attended this past week. Here is a condensed version of things I learned and experiences we had this week.

1). Leeland is cool and a he paces... a lot.
2). As much as I appreciate Gospel music, I can still only handle about 20 minutes of it. The repetition gets to me, but I love how God ministers to different people through different types of music. I like more of the rock stuff... David Upton anyone? 
3). Rick Muchow still dances
4). Christy Knockels and Buddy Owens preached exactly what I needed to hear.
5). I Went to some songwriting workshops and got some really good advice and insight into writing from some of the top worship songwriters out there.
6). Guys are gross no matter what age they are, but also a whole lot of fun:-)
7). Drums are so much more of an art form than i've ever known before
8). When 3,000 worship leaders and band members are singing along with a choir and full band you can't hear when the fire alarm goes off.
9). I ran into someone that used to be a leader in my Jr. High youth group who I haven't seen since Jr. High (Hi Bobby!)
10). Tim Davis hugged me
11). 90% of Erin Wible's jokes go right over my head.
12). I sang one of my songs at an open mic thing and wasn't booed off the stage! 
13). God is incredibly faithful


Mike Dalton Bass Player said...

Hey Ellie,

On #6, that's what she said!!! YES!!!

Ellie said...

I take NO responsibility for, nor do I endorse Mike Dalton or his jokes.