Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How Some Companies Stay in Business is Beyond me.

There was a company next door to where I work that moved several months ago (actually, probably atleast a year ago). This company appears to make and repair wheelchairs. So... since they are working with physically disabled people, you'd think they would be motivated to do a good job, and you know, possibly try and make their lives a little easier. nope! not these people! Originally we thought they were horrible because their parking spots were on a slight incline which meant that none of the wheelchair vans could park there. But, it gets worse. Like I said earlier they moved atleast a year ago- they have yet to tell several of their clients!

On a regular basis you can see people out there wandering around trying to find any information as to where this company went. We made a sign with their new address and phone number on it but the landlord keeps taking it down. Apparently nobody wants the people to get new or working wheelchairs.

Yet, even with all of this company's horrible behavior the drivers are the worst. The people that are hired to transport the people who need a new wheelchair or need some repairs done often just drop them off and leave without checking to see if they even got in! Then the people in the wheelchairs are left with no information as to where the company really is, and no way to get there. It's truly awful. Seriously. How in the world are they still in business?!

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