Thursday, October 23, 2008


I never thought I had a story or a testimony. I was raised in a Christian home with fantastic parents that really showed me what life in community and life as a Christian looked like. I never walked away from the Lord, I've never even had the desire to. Of course my relationship with the Lord has not been perfect, but it has always been there. I don't have a dramatic story of how God saved me from a life of drugs, sex, and alcohol, nor do I have broken relationships with my family.

I thought accepting the Lord at the age of 5, being baptized at 8, being involved in youthgroup from 6-12th grade, and being on worship teams for the last 5 years meant that I didn't have a story. My life was to good. It wasn't until a recent conversation with a fellow classmate that I realized that God did rescue me from a broken life; he just did it before it happened.

From the day I was born I, as a sinful person, was separated from God and needed redemption. By God's grace I was born into a family that loved Him and raised me to love Him, but this did not and does not diminish my need for a savior. My story may be much less broken than many others, but it still has moments of brokenness and the feeling of God being so far away. Once again, by God's grace those moments of feeling like He had given up on me pushed me to search for Him harder, not to throw in the towel and decide that He must not be there if I don't feel Him all the time. My story is a story of God's grace to perpetuate my life in Him, rather than to pull me out of something else and draw me to Him. It is the story of a good Christian girl who has realized lately that her testimony is exactly what she thought was not a testimony at all. I don't have a past without God, but my family before me does. God delivered me from what would've been a very different life with a completely different view of God had He not used some very interesting tactics to eventually bring my parents to Him.

The truth is we have all been delivered from somewhere or something, we all need a savior, we all need His grace in our everyday lives, and we all need His strength to persevere to the end. I am no better because of my life than the Christian with a "past". We are both sinners in need of savior, His grace is still sufficient in both stories, and He is more than able to accomplish whatever He desires.

"I need thee every hour..."

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Anonymous said...

Isaiah 30:21 "Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 'This is the way; walk in it.' " May you continue following the path of the Lord because you are an inspiration to all.