Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009... Wha?!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Normally new years is one of those holidays that comes around and I say, "eh." But not this year thanks to Heidi and Zachary. We went to Zachary's church where I was dragged up on stage to sing with the worship team, which was refreshing and a little bit strange to me. Next, we were off to a party full of people i'd never met before and once again the feeling was refreshing and strange. New people mean there is no old issues. I like new people.

There is always the token drunk girl at these parties. You know, the one who's not wearing pants. This girl, however, knew she wasn't wearing pants and had made this decision long before she was drunk. She kept saying how cold she was and when her friends told her to put pants on and stop complaining she very matter-of-factly said, "But I don't want to wear pants." As a person who would love to not wear pants I understand this sentiment. However! When one is in public pants are required, no matter how depressing that thought is. So people.... wear pants! They are important to other peoples eyes. That way, no one has to run around screaming, "my eyes!!! my eyes!!!!!!" and then run into the wall because they were hiding their eyes and die. So when the urge to walk out of your room on any given day and out into the world without those all important pants hits you, think again. You could save someone's life.

I hope 2009 is splendid for you all! Remember. Only you can prevent pant-related deaths.

P.S. Congratulations Heidi and Zachary!! You are both splendid and I'm so excited to see how your life together continues to grow! Yay for marriage!


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