Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some People Wear Really Ugly Pants.

It's true. I've witnessed it first hand. Ugly pants are rearing their ugly heads all over, disguising themselves as fashion, and doing horrible things to people's thighs. Yesterday I saw someone wearing pants reminiscent of 19th Century riding attire.

Like this man's pants. Minus the red coat and the boots. And I'm really not sure why it says "prepared to kill" in the picture, but you get the idea. Ugly ugly pants. Why would someone do this to themselves? Pants are meant to cover up things that you don't want seen and hopefully they also make you look better. They are not supposed to add volume to your hips and thighs and make you look like you lost your horse a little over a hundred years ago and are still hoping you will find him. P.S. Pants like this do mean things to your calves as well. Just so you know.

I also saw someone wearing faux-leather leggings yesterday too. WHY!?

Now, onto the guys. WHY ARE YOU WEARING YOUR SISTER'S PANTS?! It was bad enough when they were super tight and skinny and normal jean colors, but purple?! Really?! Seriously? Are you trying to look like Howard Wallowitz?

What's so wrong with normal guy jeans? They look good! Maybe guys don't care, but tapered skin tight jeans are not a good look. They also do cruel and unusual things to your butt and thighs. Why must you do such mean things to them? What did they ever do to you?

So, to sum up. Some people wear really ugly pants and I wish they would stop.

The End.


Mrs. Moosepoot said...

Wow. Tim Gunn said some of the same things to men today on Oprah! It was "make over my man" day. Did you know there are "Dad Jeans" too?

Cate said...

I only knew about dad jeans because Obama wore them to a baseball game and everyone got mad. People are dumb.

ALSO, if everyone wore the outfits in the first picture, I'd be very happy. And they are prepared to kill because they are going fox hunting, obviously.