Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Today I decided that instead of being made more aware of my singleness by focusing on the fact that I have no adorably wonderful man in my life to send me flowers and do sweet things for me, and no adorably wonderful man for me to do sweet things for, I would buy red carnations and give them to girls who are in the same boat I'm in. My theory is that it's always nice to get flowers on Valentines Day whether they are from a man whose in love with you or not (the former would be better though...).

Since this day is about love and it is very easy to get depressed on days celebrating love when you are single, I also decided to read about love in the Bible this morning. I read 1 Cor. 13 (of course!), and 1st John 3. These passages remind us what love really is and how it acts.

So... if you don't have a romantic love do not fret! Jesus loves you more than anyone on this earth possibly could!!

Whether you have a romantic love in your life or not use this day as a reminder to love people in general and to actively share the love that you have been given from the Father of Lights who gives all good things to us (including that man/woman you get to love and who loves you!)

To those of you who make my life all the more special and full of love: I LOVE YOU!!

P.S. In regards to my last post, my sister is the one who originally put the idea in my head to drop the class. Just so you all know :-)

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